Chilean wine palm - Jubaea Chilensis

Endemic from a small area of central Chile that corresponds to the Coquimbo Region, Valparaíso Region, Santiago Metropolitan Region, O'Higgins Region and the Maule Region.

Known as Chilean wine palm, coquito, Chile cocopalm....

For large gardens, avenues, airports, avenues, hotel entrances, palaces.......

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       Trunk height from 0,30 cm  0,50 cm

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                Up to 5 m - 6 m trunk


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It tolerates well cold weather and frosts up to -20ºC. It also withstands high temperatures up to 35-38ºC.  Slow-growing palm (10-20 cm / year), beautiful and rustic. With pinnate leaves and the elegance of tropical palm trees, and its trunk, although thick, is very stylized and thin.
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Stylish and elegant palm.
For large gardens, avenues, airports, avenues, hotel entrances, palaces...

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