The Bottle Stick - CHORISIA CEIBA

Chorisia is a tree that has several denominations: painera, bottle stick, pot-bellied stick or bottle tree. Its scientific name is Ceiba speciosa, although it was previously classified as Chorisia speciosa.

Its origin is in South America (mainly in Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia) and its family is made up of more than 200 species. Palo Borracho is common in warm climates and tropical or subtropical areas, so it is not recommended to plant it in cold places.

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 Ideal to place in prominent places: resorts, hotels, airports, palaces.....

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Spectacular for its size of trunk (they are  rooted)

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Its flowers are bicolor, pink with a yellow or white interior, with 5 thin petals emerging during the summer and with a diameter of 20 cm. Very striking, they give rise to a large fruit with a multitude of cottony seeds inside, hence its common name "Wool tree". 
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We have one of the best stocks of Chorisias

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Trunks from : 40/50 cm, 60/80 cm, 100/120 cm, 2 m, 3 m, 4 m 5 m and 6 m perimeter trunk.

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