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Tropipalms SL, our Company

Over the years in TROPIPALMS SL we have grown, increasing our stock with thousands of trees  and exhibition of plants with large and unique sample of majestic OLIVE TREES,  a wide variety of  PALM TREES with elegant  "pieces of collection "   to respond  the demands of our customers.

All plants exposed to are…….We offer flexibility, efficiency and service to each delivery and shipment. For all these reasons TROPIPALMS is positioned as a  benchmark in Europe and the Middle East . In TROPIPALMS we assure you the highest quality combined with competitive prices and efficient service, which are the keys of the success of our company.

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Plantas Tropipalms
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43892 Miami - Platja / Tarragona / Catalonia / Spain
T./F. (+34) 977 17 98 53 - M. (+34) 639 52 41 97

GPS Coordinates:  41.054188 , 1.006685